2020- New, three-floor house with pools in Voula, Attica (Project in progress) Residencial | 2020- Restoration of three-floor residence building in Thiseio, Athens (Project in progress) Residencial | 2020- Building of summer house and surrounding environment in Skiathos Island. (Project in progress) Residencial | 2019-2020 House renovation and addiction in Paiania, Attica Residencial | 2019 Renovation and up-to-date modernization of Hall 35 into Distance Learning Hall, Athens Conservatory Education | 2019 ZEUS + DIONE womenswear store in Athens, Valaoritou Commercial | 2017-2019  Change of Layout, Maintenance of Residence and Extension of first Floor, Mets Residencial | 2018 LOLLO'S restaurant, Halandri Leisure | 2018-2019 Remodeling and up-to-date modernization of Drama School Hall, Athens Conservatory Education  | 2017 Renovation of the tutoring and concert/musical theater hall of the "Aris Garoufalis" Athens Conservatory Education 2017 Appartment renovation, Ilissia Residencial | 2017-2019  Renovation of the NEW TASTE restaurant area within the NEW HOTEL, Athens Leisure | 2016-2019 Newly built six-floor appartment building with basement, Pagrati Residencial | 2015-2016 Building of summer house and surrounding environment in Vassilatika, Paxi island Residencial | 2013-2017  Building of two two-storey detached houses with basements on Rodon street, Ekali Residencial | 2013 Design of Lee Wrangler shop in the Golden Hall mall Commercial  | 2011 Renovation and design of Vans stores in the Athens Mall, Space design for Dinosaurs exhibition at the Athens Mall Leisure | 2011-2012 Second phase of construction, stores, offices and residences building in Glyfada Special Projects | 2010-2014 Two new detached houses with basement, garage and swimming pool in Kefalari Residencial | 2010-2012 New, five-floor appartment building with three basements in Kolonaki Residencial | 2010-2012 New, two-floor house in Mets Residencial | 2009 Renovation of Vairamoglou optician stores Commercial | 2009 Redesign of Scala Vinoteca restaurant Leisure | 2008-2011 Restoration of the Boudouri Mansion on Hydra island Residencial | 2008-2009 New, four-storey appartment building with basement, Gazi Residencial | 2008-2009 Restoration of old two-floor residence in Koukaki Residencial2008-2009 Restoration of old two-storey residence in Palaio Faliro Residencial2008-2009 Restoration and addition of outdoor/exterior outer staircase in Voula residence Residencial2008 Layout alteration of edifice for the 18-Ano addiction rehabilitation center building Office Spaces2008 Remodeling and design of HALO lighting store in Halandri Commercial | 2007-2009 Independent housing complex in Mortero Residencial| 2005-2007 Restoration with addition of edifice extension in Gazi Residencial | 2003-2006 Residence in Monastiraki Residencial | 2003-2004 GLOU store in Piraeus Commercial | 2003-2004 Office building in Piraeus Office Spaces | 2002-2005 Static support and restoration of internal decoration of centrall edifice of University of Athens Education | 2002-2003 Museum of Olive and Greek oil in Sparta Special Projects | 2000-2002 Restoration of Saint Dionisus Catholic Church and Catholic Archdiocese building located on Omirou and Panepistimiou streets Special Projects | 2000 Cellier Restaurant, Athens Leisure